Jesus Manifesto Released Today

My friends Len Sweet and Frank Viola release a book today called Jesus Manifesto: Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ. Special discount today on Amazon.

Len and Frank are a superb combination. Len is a prolific reader who has a keen eye for the sublime, esoteric stories that illuminate pertinent truths and Frank has an unusual ability to make the Bible sensible to anyone who is listening in a manner that is gentle, but not without a few hard punches. The pair of them can write a good book if they choose to. This book is not a GREAT book in a magisterial way that makes it worthy of the description “Manifesto” [I think I said something similar about The Emergent Manifesto of Hope]. The title is a little too grand, methinks, for a book that is more devotional than apologetic. But, still, its a good book all the same and a good opportunity to refocus on Jesus. And that’s something that we all need to do. Again. And again.

Buy the book? With the plethora of books currently available, you could do a lot worse than buy this one. Any book that promotes the centrality of Jesus gets my upstanding thumb.

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