Good morning everyone!

Good morning everyone. Its a beautiful day, just as David predicted and Bono confirmed. This is the day that the Lord has made.

Good morning family of mine. Good morning sexy wife and good morning kids who had to explain the idea of ‘fertilizer’ in Farmville to me this morning. I must be getting old.

Good morning Matos family who are letting us park on their land. Paulo Matos is the original tattoo artist in Portugal and also the best. And a wonderful host. He is proud of his latest edition which you read upside down for the full effect.


Good morning to my friends gathering at Mission 21, the church planters meeting in Bath, England. Sorry I cant be with you this time. Reinhold, are you there?

Good morning to John La Grou who has been reading Francis Chan’s explanation of moving from a larger resource hungry attractional church to a more underground neighborhood network – the same transition I went through in the early nineties, and for very similar reasons. Good morning Francis. We should meet up one day.

Step my step you lead me.


Good morning Rich Mullins, I know you are passed forward but I am listening to your music right now, after thinking I had lost it off my hard drive. I am listening to it on iTunes on my computer that you never saw because you died in Christ before all that cool stuff arrived but hey – I am thinking of you today and want to remind you, as if you didn’t know, that you are just as much a part of the church as we are. Some of us have been talking about “deep ecclesiology” again but no one ever gets around to including the people of faith now passed on – before and after Christ – who are a cloud of witnesses and just as much a part of God’s people as those living. Somebody needs to read Hebrews. Rich, you rocked our world and continue to rock it. Your understanding of God and his creation was so much larger than the industry that bought your music. We must talk soon . . . but not too soon!

Everywhere I go I see you!

Good morning to Kirk Bartha has been running across Canada promoting his new book Clairvaux Manifesto

Rich, did you make it to the Maritimes in Canada? You would have loved it. Kirk was just in Halifax. I was there a long time ago. Very celtic.

Good morning OD Mafia. Your post on the “robutt monkey” was the funniest thing i read this morning. heh heh heh!!!

Good morning Ed Stetzer, waking up to a second day of a church planters meeting for denominational leaders. Some good tweats. Must be going well.

Good morning Michael Spencer, waking up to continue the lively conversation about being “post-evangelical”.

Good morning Portugal. You are Tarshish, where Jonah was headed in rebellion from God’s mission. But God’s mission has brought us towards you this time. Ha! Funny!

Good morning to my mum and sisters and their families in Australia.

Good morning to my dad who passed away in Christ. And my brother also.

Good morning Scott and Misty Bower in Bulgaria. We all prayed for Evan yesterday. Scary stuff.

Hold me Jesus, cause I’m shaking like a leaf

Good morning to my mate John BullFrog Smith in Australia. Can’t believe you are still alive you wrinkly old bastard! Those Facebook photos didn’t come through this morning and where’s that bloody blog I made for ya?

Its hard, so hard, hard to be like Jesus

Good morning Ian Matthews who is pointing me to Gerard Kelly’s article “Twitter as a Spiritual Discipline” on Everything Christian.

Good morning Gerard. See you in France next year.

Good morning to my relatives in New Zealand.

Good morning to Joan Burgess and David Stockan who are now my facebook friends but have been real friends for a long time. And good morning to “Prophetess Adrienne” who I am delaying accepting as my facebook friend because her name is too scary.

Good morning Alan Simson and Paul Christian, my two best childhood friends that I have lost contact with. Still think about you guys. Paul, I saw your dad in the paper. Hal Christian looks well for his age. Alan, sorry to hear your mum passed away. Starr was an incredible woman. .

Won’t you be my prince of peace?

Good morning Turner family in Hatfield’s Beach, New Zealand. So grieved to hear of Trevor’s passing last week. He was an incredible man and a wonderful part of my memories when I was younger. Did Trevor still swim every day at Orewa beach even when he was old?

Peace of Christ to you

Good morning to my wife’s sisters and parents and brother in USA.

Good morning to my blog readers.

Good morning everyone!

everywhere i go i see you


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