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– Brazilian emerging church leaders are doing the rounds in Europe. Check them out in England at the Tribal Generation event, Nov 27th. Click image to enlarge for details.

– Mark DeVine speaks well of the Emerging Church on MP3, making it safe for emerging Baptists to come out of hiding.

– Carson Clark responds to Dr Claytor’s claims about the emerging church at Toccoa Falls College. Start at Part 3 and work backwards.

– Johnathon Wilson-Hartgrove discusses his new book on Cooperative economics called “God’s Economy: Redefining the Health and Wealth Gospel.”

– Dallas hosts an emerging church meeting Nov 13 with McLaren and Rohr.

– Episcopal Village launches in USA. It raises the question “What if the church took the responsibility of raising young emerging churches or new fresh expression ministries in their neighborhood, diocese, and nation? ”  

– Becky Garrison just published an essay on alternative church movements in Yale’s Reflections. Its called “A Mixed Economy of Church in a Post-Christian Marketplace” and I wish I could upload the article here but you will have to buy the paper version. If you are reading the quote from me and wondering where on my blog that wonderful eloquent quote is located, well, sorry but its in the 2004 archives but Google was ignoring it this morning. Maybe someone else has the link?

– The “Fresh Expressions” movement in the UK, an initiative of Archbishop Rowan Williams , happily reports that there are close to 800 projects now in the UK. The Fresh Expressions one year course named Mission Shaped Ministry now has 1200 students. Not bad for the first 3 years of existence. More information on Fresh Expressions and some practical advice on how to get started, with the occasional comment by me and a few others, is available on Share The Guide.


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