Urgent Appeal: 5 Ways To Help the Jones Family

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on getting supported and on our way to the next 25 countries. So much opportunity. . . so little funds. You know how it is, especially in this financial crunch when things have dried up. We have just lost a huge amount of support and need to make it up really quickly. In fact, we really need a chunk this week for visas, ferry tickets and diesel so that we can continue.
Special thanks to Shannon Hopkins of Matryoshka Haus, who has generously allowed us to use her 501c3 account at Givezooks. We have launched a campaign called “Friends of the Jones Family” which we think will be a good short term solution.


1. Put a widget on your blog. Clicking on the widget will take people to our special campaign. Widget codes here.

2. Tell your church. They might have a mission fund that is looking for more opportunities. They can contact me directly about having me speak at their church to share what God is doing around Europe and beyond.

3. Join our email list and receive the top secret updates on our journey, adventures, prayer requests, and updates. Request it and I will put you on the list. This is the best way to see exactly what we are up to and where your funds are going.

4. Give. Yeah! You can use Givezooks or send me an email if you would like to support us directly or in a different way. tallskinnykiwi [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks to all who are supporting us now, and over the past 25 years. You ROCK!!! Watch the results here


Andrew Jones has been blogging since 1997. He is based in San Francisco with his two daughters but also travels the globe to find compelling stories of early stage entrepreneurs changing their world. Sometimes he talks in the third person. Sometimes he even talks to himself and has been heard uttering the name "Precious" :-)


  • Andrew – put me on our mailing list. bexgeestuff@aol.com.
    Also, I posted this to my facebook and MySpace pages (yes, I KNOW MySpace is lame-o but I have 19,000+ friends and it’s free so I keep it around). So people can also post the link via various social networking sites as well as bookmark the sucker.

  • Andrew,
    I’d like access to the widget – but all I get @ GiveZooks is a Learn More button. (And when I copy the Widget above, it’s too wide for my blog columns – it needs to be 180px wide for my use.)
    I’ll blog about the campaign this morning.

  • thanks much Bill!!
    i have added another widget with “DONATE” button in red for you to use. same address.
    as for the 180 pixels, Givezooks needs to consider this because I also am a 180 pixel column man.
    the code can be hacked a little – add
    width=”180″ height=”217″
    to the code and the result is a 180 pixel widget that is almost exactly the same, although one side is a little sharper.
    Or look at my post again and notice the full code for the smaller widget at the end.
    But better than nothing and we will be more than thrilled to see it there.

  • I have no money to give right now, but I’ll pray for you (and I did retweet) & I’d be happy to be on the mailinglist [bramc777(at)hotmail(dot)com]

  • Andrew – and don’t rule out setting up an Amazon.com store and then possibly a store to sell some of the fair-trade products from ministries you’ve met.

  • Added a widget of my own on my blog now.
    Please put me on the mailing list as well – mattias(at)neve(dot)se
    By the way, is Sweden by any chance included in those 25 countries? : )

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