HPV Jab Death?

Terrible news: Today was the first known HPV jab death in UK. Our prayers are with the parents of 14 year old Natalie Morton. God’s peace to you all in your loss!

BBC states that “Vaccination is not compulsory and consent is required before it is administered to the under-16s” but we found this to be not true for Scotland. We did not give consent, neither did our daughter, and she got jabbed anyway. Our hopes are that the government will stop insisting on this dangerous treatment but make it optional instead, and offer it through family physicians rather than through the school. The story of our daughter’s forced jab last year in Scotland, and the horrible side effects, were well chronicled in the papers but nothing was done about it. My opinion? It is not well tested except for the fact that Brits are currently testing it for larger markets overseas and our kids are the guinea pigs. Anyone else here NOT WANT THE JAB?

On a plane to New York right now so i will not be able to respond to comments until the other side.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mark says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is about the HPV vaccine…how is it different from MMR or any other vaccine we give our children?
    If we can irradicate HPV for future generations; thereby, reducing cervical cancer, wouldn’t it be worth it?
    Btw, people die from all kinds of vaccines. It’s a societal cost analysis that determines the risk/reward of the vaccine.
    After 9/11 in the USA, high government officials were seriously considering mandated anthrax vaccines. The death toll would’ve been in the tens of thousands (by statistical death rate). The risk was deemed too ‘risky’ for the possiblity of potential reward. In the end, it was a good decision not to do it, but if a major attack occured in NYC for instance, the public would’ve demanded heads to roll for “not doing something.”
    Hard decisions.

  • bea says:

    mark – not all of us give our children vaccines! we made the decision not to vaccinate after reading lots of stuff and making an informed choice. sadly, talking from the UK, parents are not given all the info and so any decision is often not made with full awareness.
    i worry that lots of people will wonder ‘what’s the big deal’ because we are shielded from information which does not support vaccination.

  • Paul Ede says:

    Hi Andrew, I am unsure how appropriate your title is for this blog post, when the article you connect to specifically states the following:
    “No link can be made between the death and the vaccine until all the facts are known and a post-mortem takes place.”
    Can I respectfully ask that you change the title of your post, otherwise it could be misconstrued as premature scare-mongering. It may be the case that you can use this title soon, but nothing has been proven as yet. Best regards, Paul

  • kiwipaddy says:

    Andrew: we are with you regarding the adminstration of the vaccine last year to your daughter – it was appalling behaviour and a violation of your right as parent and her right as an individual. As I recall, you were faced with a dilema regarding ways forward. I remember a flurry of support and advice from your blog readers who, and as a teacher, I was one of them, recommended a formal police comlaint, action against the doctor and practise etc. When you say ‘nothing was done about it’ do you mean the official reaction to the articles in the media did not achieve a desired outcome or are you referring to the result of legal prosecution taken on your daughter’s behalf by yourselves? Was an official, legal, complaint made to the Headteacher/police/NHS/General Medical Council?
    Bea, whilst I understand your decision not to vaccinate, and I agree that some information which does not support vaccination is not readily made available, I would also propose (knowing many medical professionals who do access such information) that not all the potential risks of withdrawing from vaccinations is made known either. We in the UK live in a privileged society and already benefit from generations of mass-vaccination programmes. Would our opinion be different if we lived in the developing world where polio, tetanus, smallpox, diptheria etc were life-threatening and rampant?
    I support Paul’s proposal to alter the title: all reports to date have maintained a ‘potential’ link between vaccine and death and having just watched the evening news, it appears (although don’t quote me on it) that it was coincidental and that the girl had other underlying health problems.
    Mark: hard decisions indeed. As a parent of two young girls, I am glad we have a choice, albeit a limited one.
    Regardless, our hearts are with the family who have had their world pulled from beneath their feet. Whatever the reasons, death is tragic and grief, hard to bear.

  • andrew says:

    ok – in new york now and i changed the title of the post. but for me its not rocket science with thousands of adverse reactions immediately after having the jab. Our daughter had a massive seizure and we might have lost her had we not noticed her almost unconscious state and body spasms.
    The pharmos (and this is the same company rolling out swine flu jabs to millions who dont need it) dont want to make the connection because it will cost them contracts and lots of money in lawsuits but it sure seems straightforward to me.

  • Paul Ede says:

    Thanks Andrew, really appreciate it, and I know you had a horrible time with your daughter which shouldn’t have happened. Thanks also for all the inititaive you took the publicise the issue. Blessings

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