Prabhu Guptara on The Global Culture of Debt

Continuing the discussion on a debt-dependent church, check this out . . .

Images-5“The only cultures which have NOT been marked by debt have been Biblical cultures, and, with the rejection of the Bible, we should expect the return of the culture of debt – indeed the return of culture of debt was and is inevitable, with all its disastrous consequences. But there is always hope because we are called in every generation on this earth, to the struggle for faith, righteousness and peace.

… the global culture of debt, which is a consequence of a global culture of greed, has been overcome in the past by the actions of our outstanding spiritual ancestors from the Radical Reformers to William Wilberforce. And the good news is that the global culture of greed and debt can be overcome again”

Professor Prabhu Guptara, Executive Director, Organisation Development in Switzerland, from the speech “The Global Culture of Debt” given 20 Sep, 2008.

I met Prabhu [who blogs here] at Greenbelt in 2005. Good news – I just got permission from Prabhu (through Mercy Simson) to publish this entire speech online. MUCH THANKS! I hope it finds an eager audience. Here it is: P Guptara on the global culture of debt.doc

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