Exploring the Emerging Church Conference Today

Interesting conference on today in Michigan. Exploring the Emerging Church: Theology, Culture, Ritual, and Meaning, hosted by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. A book will be emerging from this conference and a list of budding chapters can be downloaded here and read. I am guessing the authors will be kicking around the material today.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • becky says:

    I don’t know if “interesting” is the word I’d use when speaking about yet another book penned by Phd postevangelicals “talking” about church. Isn’t Calvin College the same place that banned Tony Campolo for saying the word sh*t in a speech?

  • Andrew Jones says:

    the eschatology piece by kevin is interesting to me. i wonder how rollins will respond?

  • becky says:

    White men with PhDs responding to other white men with PhDs further reinforces the notion that in order to participate in this discussion you need at least three out of four Ps – published, planter/pastor (this P can be option), PhD and don’t make me explain the fourth P). Sorry, it’s 2009 – a female wears the big pointy hat in my denomination (US Episcopal) and we just elected an African American to the White House. I’m much more interested to see what comes out of Slot for example.

  • becky says:

    Sorry for the bit of snark – my bad. I did checked out the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship’s offerings. If I were an pastor from a reformed church tradition or an academic from an evangelical seminary, I see plenty that would interest me. I was just hoping we’d hear from the rest of the faith forest at a gathering like this.

  • Kyle Nolan says:

    Becky – I was at the seminar today. Kevin mentioned the lack of women on the panel(there was one) and the lack of women in the book (obviously, none) which clearly isn’t enough, but he did say something, and expressed that it’s clearly one of the biggest problems in the “conversation.”
    But as far as having some problem with the other of the “p’s” I don’t really know what you expect. They’re talking about the philosophy that is involved in it for the most part, and I wouldn’t expect many congregants who aren’t at least one of the other three to get on a panel liek that. We’re the ones in the audience, asking the questions.

  • Kyle Nolan says:

    By the way, Rollins didn’t really respond to anything Corcoran said about eschatology, but they did work out some of their differences about the historical validity of the resurrection. Sort of.
    Quote from Rollins:
    “Do I deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ? I absolutely unequivocally deny it every time I fail to give to the poor or feed the hungry or clothe the naked or heal the sick.”
    (Well, paraphrased more than quoted. He talks too fast to quote him lol)

  • becky says:

    I’m not referencing a particular person but an overall ethos – and then asking how we can engage in some out of the box action. I am thinking on my experience at Greenbelt where the festival atmosphere presented a missional mix of speakers, artists, worship leaders, and others that touched all my senses.

  • Andy says:

    it’s cold in michigan.

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