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Guess what? Tall Skinny Kiwi is currently the Number 1 Christian Blog in the UK. Thanks to The Blue Fish Project (Dave Bish) for including me on the list. Now what about a BADGE or AWARD or something???

A lot of people don’t realise I live in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, despite being born in New Zealand and spending much of my life in USA. Nice to be welcomed into the UK fold, so to speak. Dave’s list, which he will update each month, is based on technorati rankings. I have met most of these bloggers and totally recommend you pop over and see what they are up to.

Top Christian Blogs in UK [Oct 2008]

1. Andrew Jones

2. Dave Walker

3. Jon Birch

4. Adrian Warnock

5. Jonny Baker

6. Colin Adams

7. Tim Chester

8. Dave Bish

9. Terry Virgo

10. Martin Downes

Also thanks to who put me in their Top 10 Christian Blogs and Guy Kawasaki [who I met at BlogWorld in Las Vegas recently] for my inclusion on his Alltop Christianity page.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Kester says:

    What’s the top Christian blog written by a woman, or someone from a MEC, and how does their rank compare? Just wondering if anyone’s got near the top ten. Be interesting to find out.

  • Eddie says:

    Am I the only Christian who struggles with lists like this? The temptation to try and get a higher ranking and to fish for cyber-affirmation is a constant problem. Objectively, I know that TSK is a more influential blog than mine – and quite right too. But, subjectively, this sort of thing exacerbates a constant search for affirmation with which I struggle.
    Am I alone?

  • andrew jones says:

    actually, Eddie, there are all kinds of ways to measure – for those that want to measure. but it doesnt mean these blogs are necessarily better than others. i think jonny baker’s blog, for example, is much better than mine and deserves a higher ranking.
    the reason why mine does well on the technorati score is because so many people from other countries (including americans) read it and link to it . .

  • dave bish says:

    It’s a decent ‘influence among bloggers’ approach I think – and there’s not a great deal you can do about your ranking, cos it depends on other people linking to you. It doesn’t say anything about hits, or about influence among those who read but don’t blog.
    The Titus2Talk blog ( was at number 10 in September for those concerned at the lack of women in the list. There are quite a few at fairly similar rankings around the 10th-20th place range. The top few are streets ahead of anyone else.

  • andrew says:

    thanks Dave
    its a pity there are not more woman bloggers on this list but i cant see any reason why they cant or wont be in the near future.
    when i was at GodblogCon in Las Vegas recently, one of the top bloggers there was La Shawn Barber [link to woman bloggers on her site] who has a massively high ranking blog.

  • Hey Congrats! I know it didn’t make the national news.. but hey- it is cool. so take a bow!

  • dave bish says:

    It’s the beauty of the blogosphere that anyone can write. I can think of a few excellent women bloggers, maybe the responsibility is with the rest of us to highlight them more, and likewise the many many many other under-noticed excellent blogs.

  • David Porter says:

    Congrats Tall Skinny Kiwi Dude!

  • Are we ready for the truth

  • andrew says:

    yeah . . . now that you are in the right place . . . lets BRING ON THAT TRUTH!

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