Kult: Heretic Kingdoms action RPG

KULT: Heretic Kingdoms is a new RPG released for Mac. You get to be an Inquisitor with an attitude, killing off religious sects, fanatics and other freaks who think God is alive.

Heres the skinny:

“Set in the world of the Heretic Kingdoms, a world where God is dead and religion heresy, you are cast as a young female inquisitor, working to stamp out the last remnants of religion. On instructions to destroy a relic which the Inquisition considers to be a significant threat, you are drawn into a war between two warring secret societies – a conspiracy of mages whose goal is true power, and a shadowy cult who seeks to resurrect the Dead God.”

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms might be a little too extreme for church people, but maybe the makers (3D People from Slovakia) could do a tamer version where modern day Inquisitors can stamp out emerging church influences in their denominations.

Absolutely not related: Christian gamemaker Digital Praise has announced some new titles. Link

Not in the same league as KULT but BBC admited its bias against Christianity on Sunday’s Daily Mail

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  • chad says:

    this makes me miss the noah’s ark game I had for NES when I was 8. Judging from my current situation it is entertaing to imagine a game like this where you play out trying to find the “postmoderns” in a seminary setting.

  • Roy Petersen says:

    Love it, a video game where cult hunters hunt down emergents as if they were jedi in the clone wars. Keep truth alive!

  • Mike Morrell says:

    This is fascinating in light of Wired’s article on the New Atheists. In some ways it disproves what we “pomo-spirituality” types are saying/supposedly observing about the demise of hard-core atheism and newfound openness to the sacred. Of course, these guys could be a tiny minority, who knows? In this day and age, everybody’s right.

  • andrew says:

    hi mike, yeah i read that wired article yesterday. In the UK, Bishop Graham Cray introduced the idea recently that that the emerging generation is NOT as spiritually oriented as people were saying. There was a lot of disagreement at that event but there might be more substantional evidence now to back up what Graham was saying.

  • Mark Berry says:

    I might get this game… sounds fun 😉
    a) I think the wired artlicle may well illustrate the splintered/diverse nature of emerging culture… I always thought that was supposed to be a characteristic of po-mo?
    b) Graham was responding to a piece of academically based research, many respected people “on the ground” believe to be fatally flawed… I have a lot of respect for Graham, but recently he seems to me to surf the waves of the latest research/writing, and seems to becoming distanced from the “Emerging Church” networks…
    c) I am happy to say that neither one is right or wrong… one of the mistakes of modernity we need to learn from is that we cannot define Culture in terms of a singular rationale… or worldview! There are new-spiritual seekers, there are new-atheists… my own experience is that whilst many folk reject “God” as a religious construct, they find it far harder to reject the notion of “something other – something out there – something after we die”… one 20 something lady said to me “I don’t believe in God… but I believe there is something… perhaps what God was before the Church called it God!”…
    so, I guess I am saying – recognise the fractured nature of emerging culture… and don’t listen for our “God words” cause you wont hear them, but if you think that not hearing “our words” means that “God words” don’t exist you will be missing something important!

  • Ed C says:

    Your wife has been away for a few days Andrew and out come the video games?
    She’ll find out you know . . .

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