MacBook is here

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The MacBook. Its here. Finally. And its exactly as predicted by MacRumors and other sources. The new MacBook replaces the ibook – of which i have had two. It comes in white or the more expensive, slightly faster, slightly bigger 80 Gig HD in the wicked color BLACK, which seems better looking but i am not sure if is worth the extra price. No modem, but I dont think a modem is really needed in our WiFi world. Not for me, anyway.

I reckon its an excellent buy if you go for the cheapest option with 1 Gig RAM (add $100 or £70). Aren’t you glad you waited?

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  • Not everywhere in the USA has wifi caught on, and if it has, many places charge, unless they are local coffee shops. I was in Houston over xmas staying with a friend where a dial up modem came in handy. so, i am glad i have my power book from last fall. i don’t like the new names either. The names sound self-righteous to me. oh well, i still LOVE Apple. 🙂

  • yeah . . modem for the home machine (desktop). but i rarely use a modem when i am travelling, esp. outside the country.
    saving 50 on the modem would make sense to me.

  • if i was only concerned with style and gave no concern to practicality, i would definately choose a mac. o well, each to their own. 🙂

  • My new macbook pro 17 is on its way as I write this. the macbook is just an iBook posing as a powerbook, masquerading as a macbook 🙂

  • Nah didn’t spend a dime. or a pence. It’s payment for a corporate DVD I did in the states…AND it’s included with final cut studio. But alas, I wait, and wait and wait…

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