Guerilla Gardening in London


Breakfast this morning in London. Does this picture make me look BALDING? I hanging with a group of Americans and Germans and Brits to work on some projects together over a few days.

Sorry for the blog silence. I was staying in a large French house this week near Geneva and wifi was absent. The conferences in the north and south ofn Switzerland went well – tell you more later.

Last night we had a tour of the Tate Modern with artist Rob Pepper. We also attended the Evensong service at St Pauls. Later that evening, all 20 of us went out to Stratford to do some “guerilla gardening” with Richard the Guerilla Gardener. BBC and a fewn newspapers were there to cover the story but they may not tell you that half the people there were planting flowers on a bald, ugly piece of urban land because, as Karen told the reporter, “We believe in redemption.”


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