Communion by Numbers

Something really funny happened and I have an audio file that I extracted from my video. On Saturday we all went over to Grace for a communion service called “Communion By Numbers”. Jonny and Jenny Baker, who came to our pizza party the night before, were hosting it.

145984428 8F728084Ee MBefore the service began, we were told to leave our phones on because we would be using them during the service. We sat around tables and opened up a series of numbered envelopes with instructions for each group. One of the envelopes told us to confess our sins and send a SMS to a certain number with the word “confess”. Later on, during the instructions for the breaking of the bread, cell phones started going off with received confessions. It wasn’t planned this way but the timing was hilarious. Take a listen and then see the official post on Jonny’s blog.


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