The Time We Blew Up Criswell’s Speaker

I just found one of my tiny movies i made for dial up internet 5 years ago. Its from 2001 when we did a multimedia worship event at the amphitheater in Waco Texas. It was a part of the Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting. I’m uploading it again here. Its only 340 k – about the size of a large photo. But back in the pre-broadband era, back in the DAY, even that size took a bit of patience.

The VJ is Bryce Wagner of Fuse Factory – who btw – has just had a bout of kidney trouble and could use your prayers and the DJ is also from Fuse Factory. I have more video footage of poet Mark Scandrette who stepped on stage to read out his “prophetic poetry” over Texas, backed up with live visuals (3 projectors) and the DJ. Pretty cool. I should really dig up the footage and make a larger movie.

Dr Criswell’s Church, First Baptist Church of Dallas, was kind enough to let us use their sound system. But I warned them about the DJ from Switzerland and his preference for loud, deep, bass. I am not sure if they followed me on that. Anyway. Apologies to the late Dr Criswell, again, for the damage to one of the speakers – ohhhh . . . did u think i meant one of his “preachers”???? i’mmm soorrrrrrry!. And thanks to the Criswell Theological Review for highlighting the Emerging Church in their latest issue.

The event was not well attended but it was dynamic – impromtu, spontaneous, spiritual, vibrant and we felt it was the beginning of something. The poetry was not even planned. Nor was Derek Chapman getting up to pray over the youth – it just happened – but the synergy between the words, moving images and sounds was something i dont think any of us had ever really witnessed before. This was the starting point for Fuse Factory who until that night were called ‘Jimini’.

Pae 05

They just released a new chill-out DVD called Progressive Ambient Experience 1 (check out the preview).

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  • Someone recently told me that WA Crisweel was a freemason. Is that true? Also, are there Masonic lodges in the UK and elsewhere? Just curious…

  • England is full of freemasons
    On another hand
    me and my mate dave whos a curate at a church neer my home have been chatting about the whole emerging church/alt worship thing or a while
    we use creative as apposed to alt cos alt worship has a tendancie to piss me off
    not as much as if someone tried to start calling what they did post worship but that goes into age old proplems i have with the post rock/punk/hardcore scenes
    any we are part of and love the charismatic church, we kaind of agree with uneasily the penticostal church but are deffinatle not the same as either. we deffinatle feel emerging, we find home in fresh expressions.
    one of the idea’s we are resteling with at the mo is can
    you get the same dynamic/manifested experience of the holy spirit that is a common hallmark of charismatic/pentecostal worship through creative/alt/non-,usic based worship
    all i can think of is the quakers
    in our discussions the idea that stripping away music can remove confussion about hyping up and manipulation being the cause of manifestations as appealing
    but also as a musician i often want to respond to the HS with dynamic music
    it’s way complicated
    many thoughts appreciated
    also come chat at my blog

  • was Criswell a mason – i HIGHLY doubt it, even though i never met the man.
    in the event i just described, and in an event a few days earlier in austin called Epicenter, we stripped away the celebrety factor in our events. bands were broken up into musisicians without names and no body was playing under their own identity so that no one could take any credit or glory. i think that really helped the spiritual level of the worship. It was a God thing. People did not come to see a “name” band because there were no names other than the Name above every name. God doesnt share his glory and finding creative ways to get ourselves out of the picture is always a good idea.

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