Blogs and the Emergent Church

It may not be news to you but its a good article and its great to see the North American Church acknowledging blogging and the emerging church.

“NCC’s 2006 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches cites two 21st century trends: blogging and the Emergent Church

New York, March 30, 2006 — First it was the mimeograph machine and the Ediphone. Then radio preachers. Then, in rapid succession, the television, desktop computers, e-mail, CDs and mobile phones.

Almost from the beginning, American theology and church communication have been intricately linked with emerging technologies. Preachers have often sensed God’s call to spread the word as loudly and as widely as possible, and many think electronic media are divinely inspired.

Now the National Council of Churches’ 2006 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches examines the latest electronic miracle — the blog — and considers its influence on the Emergent Church (EC).” Read on for more HT: ChristianPundits.

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