Missional Order

A new missional order and network announced by leaders of Allelon. Alan Roxburgh describes it in this article as a multi-generational movement of missional leaders. This sounds like a continuation of the discussions we had in 2004 at Fuller with Alan and the Allelon group.

i LIKE this group and i LIKE Alan R. This would be a great order to be a part of.


At present, the name for the new missional training center (found on their site) is “The Allelon Center for Missional Leadership Center”. Its a good name, but it sounds a little REPETITOUS. Dont know. Maybe its just me. Maybe its good to repeat things for emphasis. I would even suggest “The Center for Allelon Center for Missional Leadership Center” but thats taking a good thing too far.

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  • Pat says:

    It just sounds like they consulted the Department of Redundancy Department for naming ideas.
    The Order sounds interesting though. I’m going to look for more details.

  • brandon says:

    dude. that’s really funny.

  • Mark Priddy says:

    Hi bro,
    Thanks for the shout out…that’s funny…ok maybe just a bit REPETITOUS REPETITOUS REPETITOUS…..
    Will fix it up….When you get back shoot me an e-mail. Will be praying for your trip.
    Hope all is well.
    Grace and peace,

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