Emergent Plug-in for Mega Church Game

Index R4 C2Its about time. I can’t tell you how frustrated our family has been in playing this pathetic game called Mega Church, having to create large Orthodox cathedrals and Pentecostal mega-church stage shows and overgrown, resource-hungry EvangeMega WillowBackySaddle OsteenyServices for annoying yuppies who complain about the temperature of the Starbucks before the service. My kids are just TOTALLY SICK of building massive parking lots for SUV driving Christians who destroy the environment every time they drive across the other side of their city just to attend a slicker church service.

But wait . . .

Now, thanks to the emergent plug-in provided by the game’s creator Tim Bednar (of "We Know More Than Our Pastors .PDF" fame), my family and I can enjoy hours of productive, informative family fun, and create churches with couches, candles, karaoke machines and video ipod stations with wireless connection to the main projection screen. How refreshing it is to have our virtual parishioners complain about the chai rather than the coffee.

So now . .  with the emergent plug -in (included free-of charge), I highly recommend this game for families everywhere seeking a new level of eccumenatainment that will transform the way we think about church.

Buy it here and vote for it at the Contagious Festival (number 21 when i looked) and don’t believe a word i just said. Thanks Tim for your parody!


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