T- Life leads to T-World

Bob Roberts Jnr, of Northwood Church and GlocalNet fame, just told me that his book is now available as of yesterday. Transformation is a book about how a T-Life (transformed life) can lead to a T-World, not just in our neighborhoods, but in every corner of the globe.

031026717X-1Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World is an American book that other nations will applaud. It’s not another book on emerging church or church growth, but a bridge to some answers that have been eluding us. It clearly outlines what has gone wrong with the American church and frames a future hope that is missional, transformational, oriented around convergence, pilgrimage, and a close walk with our Creator. —Andrew Jones Boaz, director of Boaz Project

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Yeah – i know – theres an extra “Boaz” in there. I already told the webmaster.

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  • hmm… sounds tasty!
    I haven’t seen Bob Roberts in a while, and didn’t know he’d written this. Sounds like a worth while read.

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