Christianity Today on Emergents

“The Emergents seem to me to have it right: No single program or rulebook can possibly speak to the hearts of this diversely gifted, diversely perceptive, and diversely wounded young generation who yearn for spiritual fulfillment yet deeply distrust “organized religion.” We need to reassess—to find new models of creative ministries. Grace and peace to the Tender Twigs and Budding Tips of the Christian family tree—who draw strength from the Root, and now need also to draw strength from the Branches, Chris Armstrong Bethel Seminary Christianity Today

Chris encourages “Emergents” to get into Christian biographies of “dead Christians”. Good advice and I think that in the future, the biographies that will be read and referenced most will be those that take on new media forms. Different for every country also – the “Emergents” in Germany tell me that Deitrick Bonhoffer is their favorite.

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