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Google’s new blog search engine is good step forward, but you may need to make sure your blog is listed.

“Google doesn’t provide any direct way to submit your own RSS feeds to it in order to be indexed. To make sure your blog RSS feed gets all of Google’s attention you need to use XML-RPC pings.” Lockergnome


This is true, I guess, but it doesn’t worry me because I signed up with the FREE service at (blog). They handle all that geek stuff for me. They even tell me how many people get my feed – those lazy people who cant be bothered coming all the way over here – the internet’s version of couch potatoes. Not complaining – I also read far more RSS headlines than I do visit blogs.

But if you dont have feedburner working for you, go and get it. They also give you the yahoo tags and other tags that make it easy for people to add your feed to their news readers.

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