Doxology October 7-8


I am really excited about this and will be in Houston at the right time for the Doxology conversation. Actually, we planned our trip that way. Here is the official invitation from Shannon Hopkins:


Drawing On Dialogue. Re~Claiming Christ

Please join us on the Opening Night – 7 October 2005, 6.00 – 10pm

And for a Day of Dialogue – Saturday 8 October 11am – 4pm

Xnihilo Gallery – 2115 Taft St, Houston, Texas, USA. 7 October – 6 November 2005

An exhibition by Rob Pepper (a London Based Artist) and an international creative team.


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  • andrew, i was in the Beaumont area this summer and visited Ecclesia as much as I could.. im bummed not to be able to meet you and see this exhibit..
    also… Mozilla is not loading up ur page very well… in IE it works fine… just thought u should know

  • I just updated it (it wasnt that old of a version anyways)… and it is still messy..
    Everything is loading without columns… all the things that load up on the left are loading up top to bottom… does that make sense?

  • yes – ive seen it happen before – sometimes when i post a graphic that is too big
    i will tell typepad. unlike, they have real people who look into these problems

  • Andrew,
    I am looking forward to coming to see Doxology. I live in the Houston area. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help setup.

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