Connecting This Week

It would be great to connect with some of you this week during my travels. Let me know is something is going on in your city also.

Manchester: Tuesday 26th. Blah, Manchester. “Aggregation: The Emerging Church According to Manchester

Birmingham: Wednesday to Saturday I will be in Birmingham at the Baptist World Alliance Congress. You will find me in the Young Adults program (2-4pm Thursday and Friday, and maybe also on Saturday) Look for the tall skinny VJ behind the computer.

London: Sunday morning – dodging bombs in London on the way to the airport.

Aberdeen: 31st, Sunday afternoon waiting for the ferry.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Tractor Girl says:

    Not sure if I can pass as young enough to blag myself into the young adult stream, although may be one of the most interesting places to be.
    Do you know if they are going to have any facilities available for people to blogg about the BWC from?

  • philsmith says:

    Thanks for the tip! The joys of the summer holidays are such that i’m doing nothing tomorrow night and has just quoted £14 for a return trip to manchester… see you there!

  • ally simpson says:

    why you not come to ireland dude!!
    its been a nice summer and the catholics & protestants are still fighting…….but its home!

  • andrew jones says:

    ally, i would love to come to ireland soon – and a cheap ryan air flight through dublin almost got me there on teh weekend – another time – you guys will have to fight without me . . .
    hey tractor girl – i have not heard anything about a WiFi equipped blogging lounge with leopard skin couches and milky Indian Chai and ambient Bollywood soundtracks as baptist bloggers chill out together and fill the internet with reports of exciting world baptist strategies for the next generation . . . but i will let you know if i find such a place
    i know si johnston is asking which bloggers will be there
    link to si

  • Tractor Girl says:

    Ok, I suppose it was a bit of a daft comment, but you can’t help wishful thinking.

  • Will be at Blah Manchester tonight, looking forward to it!

  • Tractor Girl says:

    In case anybody was wondering when I was referring to daft comment and wishful thinking I was referring to my earlier one not the one which the person with a similar name has posted. Just read the thread and have realised how my second comment could have read.

  • I’ve posted something that I’d appreciate comments, feedback, etc., on. It’s titled “modes of knowing God.” Thanks.

  • Phil Smith says:

    Andrew, Thanks for the Blah last night. Good to hear all that you had to say. I’m just wondering if you could develop the stuff you raised at the end of your presentation about reimbursement vs reputation… were you suggesting that reputation does/should play a role in the life of the emerging community? Found myself a bit confused at this point and would be grateful of the clarification…

  • Hannah Prittie says:

    My suggestion is to stay on the ferry on sun night and get off in shetland – its definitely where God’s going to be 2nd to 9th august!

  • andrew jones says:

    i have a sneaking susipicion you are right – and i am bringing my whole family over there on tuesday
    see you there

  • hannah says:

    fantastic! see you then!

  • hannah says:

    fantastic! see you then!

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