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U have heard me talk about the good work among Skaters and the Palau Ev. Association. Yesterday I got an email from Kevin Palau, who has a big tour around USA right now called Livin It Tour 2005. I am hoping we pray for these events and participate when they come to our cities. Its on tonight at Fayetteville, NC


just a quick note to say I’m praying for you and appreciate all you’re doing for the kingdom. I have been hugely blessed this past week through reading Donald Miller’s book Blue Like Jazz, have you read it? So refreshing and honest..

Hey, just kicked off our Livin It Tour (28 cities, grass roots skate/BMX demos + Baldwin) in Atlanta and Savannah and the Lord really blessed.

Would also appreciatet your prayers for a network TV special we’re working on. It will feature the lives of 4 non-traditional followers of Christ: Stephen Baldwin (actor), Christian Hosoi (pro skater), Chynna Phillips (singer, Stephen’s sister-in-law, been a believer just two months, parents were in that old 60’s group The Mamas and the Papas), Bryan Welch (lead guitarist of the hard rock band KORN). No preaching on the program, just their lives, in their own words…

God bless! Kevin Palau (permission given for posting)


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