On a bus to Basel

I am hopping on a bus and traveling overnight to Basel, Switzerland. Its been a great couple of days in Prague. Tell you about it later. Journey will be 9 hours.


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  • I have heard from Don, our Pastor in Kirkwall that is it minus 7 in Prague – and you thought Stromness was chilly? He is at the Theological seminary for 3 weeks so Orkney we are 60% down on Baptist ministers at the moment! Take care.

  • Save travel! And welcome to Switzerland. EC Seminar in Basel. Sounds great. I think it is the first event on this topic in my country! Future is here. Sad, I can not be there personally. Well, the thing is running without me and I think, I will hear about soon. Have a great community time in Basel. Give all of them a big impact for their journey. Thanks for coming.

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