McLaren on Larry King Live

My friend Brian was on TV last night. Transcript is here. Well done, Brian! DesertPastor has a good blog post on the results of the show:

“Tonight on Larry King Live, Larry invited a number of guests onto his program in response to the recent Time Magazine article highlighting “The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals.” Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Franklin Graham, T.D. Jakes, and Brian McLaren filled the 1-hour program.  And I’ve got to tell you, McLaren made us all proud! ”

BTW- I was there, once, at Larry King Live. Doug Pagitt and i were walking by the studio in New York and we figured if we waited around for a few hours, we might catch a glimpse of Larry. Not the same thing, is it?

More on Brian on one of my old posts from 2003- “Brian McLaren has no hair


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  • Liam Byrnes says:

    Hey Andrew,
    Can yoy get a copy of the show online anywhere??

  • Eddy Dueck says:

    Liam (and anyone else interested):
    Read the trascript online at:
    For more about the other leaders, check out:

  • rick says:

    I too think Brian did a good job. I would have like to see him speak more, but perhaps he said more by what he didn’t say than what he did say. Amazing some of the things that come from people where the major message is supposed to be love.

  • gavin says:

    brian did do a good job. for those who saw it (or read the transcript) you can see that brain and td seemed to be doing damage control as the only open-minded Christians on the panel. some might disagree with me on that, the lahaye’s might be right up your alley too. brian didn’t get as much air as some of the others. so, we have spoken for him..
    part of a post from
    Graham: Yes, the antichrist is coming who will unite the world. He will fight God, fight Jesus.
    Jakes: We are confusing predestination with foreknowledge. Our God already knows the end.
    LaHayes: We’re gonna have a one world religion, one world gov’t. God will give us an opportunity to accept Christ again at the end. The UN will fail because they exclude God.
    No response allowed for McLaren. That is the second time that Brian was not called on for an opinion. Let me speculate his answer: we should be more concerned as Christians with living out Christ’s call to discipleship and work towards creating the Kingdom of God now- a Kingdom where all people’s needs are met, where we are good stewards, and strive to be peacemakers.

  • Brian "Oke" O'Connell says:

    Hey Andrew
    As I was channel surfing last night I ran across the show and watched the better part of it. As usual, I was embarassed to see Tim/Bev LeHaye and Franklin Graham representing the “evangelical” community. It was a pleasure to have TD and Brian bring at least *some* reasonable thoughts (to the degree they were able). It seems like Larry likes the stereotypical rather than the outside the box person. I would encourage people to look through the list of Time’s most influential evangelicals. Having interacted with most all of them in my days in WDC, I can honestly say the list is a sad commentary on the perception we have in American culture (elsewhere, too, I guess).
    Fortunately, God continues to use the people of apparent insignificance — those who are under the radar — to accomplish His greatest purposes. Perhaps we need to put together a parallel list of those types of folks; people having grassroots impact what most of the church don’t have a clue about.

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  • maryellen says:

    Just yesterday at water aerobics with a bunch of older retired women school teachers.. said that more than fearing BUSH..they are afraid of “THE
    EVANGELICALS”…they fear that the reason for America’s invasion in Iraq
    has to do with relegious groups who voted for Bush. One of the women sugessted a burning of all bible’s. (yes,I am in a very liberal group/area

  • Andrew says:

    thanks to all tne americans who just commented – much appreciated by those outside of America
    thanks for the transcript, Eddy (who was in my class today in Basel). I read it through and Brian really did do a great job.
    Worth reading!

  • Rick Bennett says:

    speaking of Brian, you should see the review of generous orthodoxy by Al Mohler. I linked to it at my blog. It is an interesting read.

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