Slain in the Spirit

holyspiritmeetingI never know when Marc Van der Woude is joking or not (must be the Dutch sense of humor) but i will link to this anyway. A newspaper reports, [and Marc repeats it in a post entitled “More Lord,fill him up “that a heart attack victim went unnoticed in the midst of a ‘Holy Spirit revival meeting’ because dozens of people were ‘slain in the Spirit’ around him.” Apparently he was still for 2 hours and turning blue before they realized something was wrong. Or maybe they tried waking him up for the offering?
For real? probably not. But funny anyway.


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  • Marc says:

    The source, Lark News, is a satirical Christian news site–sort of like the web version of The Door, or the Christian version of The Onion. Very funny stuff.

  • Isaac says:

    When I first read that I found it hilarious. I read it to my sister, now I find out it’s a joke? 😮 lol… anyway, it’s still a good story. hehe..

  • DennisS says:

    A couple years ago I was at a U.S. worship service where an older gentleman was assumed to be asleep beside his wife. He was leaning against the end of the pew, and it was during the sermon. It so happens this was the very first time we visited this older church, it was a bit warm, and there wasn’t any air-conditioning.
    Anyway, the guy behind him was a volunteer fire-fighter in that little town. He reached up to feel for a pulse, lifted the guy into the aisle, used his radio to call for an ambulance, and started CPR.
    The guy lived and was fine – back at church a couple weeks later. Most interesting revival I ever witnessed. If the guy had died – I was figuring that would be a sign that we would never again step in the doors.
    Since then, the congregation has built a modern worship structure and doubled in size. And the guy who died and came back to life went to meet his maker a year ago.

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