The Women Who Blogged and Brought a Heresy To It’s Knees.

How fitting that an unorthodox theological position running rampant for 30 years in evangelicalism, namely the complementarian doctrine of a hierarchically ordered Trinity based on authority/submission (ESS – Eternal Subordination of the Son) that has given rise to patriarchy, misogyny, clerical abuse by arrogant bully New Calvinist pastors, the silencing of women, the problematic ESV…

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How Christian can Islamic banking be?

¬†Strange happenings in the world of Christian banking, especially for the Vatican Bank. Read on and tell me if I am not taking crazy pills. Today is the day that a men-in-black team called Moneyval¬†gather to “discuss a report assessing the Holy See’s progress in preventing money laundering and terrorism financing, a crucial step toward…

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