Getting Syrious

Getting Syrious

Today I am speaking on the Syrian refugee crisis at the Woman of Vision group at St Phillip Church in Dublin/San Ramon. Pray for me to communicate without getting really choked up. I want to talk about “My Refugees” – the Syrians I met trekking to the borders of Europe, running from the borders of Europe, stuck in squats and camps in various countries, and most of all those refugees at their most vulnerable point, walking on train tracks, in between countries, in between a devastated home and an uncertain future. These are my refugees.


This event is sponsored by World Vision so I wont be mentioning my own financial needs but if anyone wants to donate to get me and my kids and my team back to the action overseas, we REALLY need to raise 15k by May 15.

Details at Getting Syrious.

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As a wandering mystic and storyteller who has been blogging since 1997, I am discovering that the simple and mundane things in life are often more blogworthy. I hope this new season of blogging will invigorate me and will not bore you too much. Thanks for hanging in there.


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