Mark Driscoll goes to Haiti

My old friend Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church went to Haiti with James MacDonald. They recorded some footage that I look forward to seeing. Well done Mark! The first video is here on YouTube but I expect much more to come. He also got interviewed by USA Today where he speaks out against the […]

Help Towards the Haiti Earthquake

Just reading about the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti yesterday. Awful blow to the country and we pray for the families involved. Its the largest earthquake there since 1770. Possibly thousands killed and the presidential palace flattened. I remember that palace from my last visit there. This is how I remember it, before it collapsed yesterday. […]

Kiva and faith-based micro-finance

The Kiva Effect is a great article on micro-finance and faith based micro-credit unions. Thanks to CT for publishing it and Becky for the HT. Of course there are a lot of these initiatives that escape the media’s eye. Check out my post on emerging philanthropy and the Indian Taxi Fund. Related: I read a […]

One Day’s Wages and Eugene Cho

Speaking of my Korean-American friends making the headlines, as I did in yesterdays post, another one is stirring things up in the USA. Eugene Cho, whom I met at Tom and Christine Sine’s house in Seattle, is part of a church called Quest and a regular blogger and speaker on all things emerging and missional. […]

The Feast kicks off with Matthew Bishop

Well the Feast has just started. About 400 people here which is a good number. The first speaker is now addressing us – Matthew Bishop, author of Philanthrocapitalism which is about the “head and the heart coming together” in a new model of capitalism. We should use the present financial crisis to build something worthwhile, […]

100 Incredible Philanthropy Blogs

A list of 100 Incredible Philanthropy blogs has just been released. They kindly sent me an email to tell my that my blog was on the list. Thanks!!!! I am listed under the ‘faith based philanthropy’ section along with some other blogs that are worth checking out. A blog that should have been on that […]

Money for Missions: The Big and the Small of it

This week I was on the phone with an Executive Director of a Foundation that gives millions of dollars to missions. Things are tight right now for them, as they are for many other faith-based Foundations, but they are doing their best to keep commitments to missionaries. Not easy during this recession when the returns […]

Larry’s Recession and the Debt-Dependent Church

Larry Burkett's videos were hugely popular when we watched them in the 1980's. He wore the same hideous brown suit for every video which we thought was funny but we also wondered if he only owned one suit to cut expenses. His teaching videos were about living debt-free and managing your money according to Biblical […]

Recession Busting Ideas for Global Mission

Thanks everyone for your input. For those that were not here over the past week, here is a summary of the conversation about mission, church, and how we can get over the recession. Top 5 Ways for Ministries to Get Over the Recession Recession: The Carnival is Over Recession: How Bad is it? Other bloggers/writers […]

Environmental Impact and Our Philanthropic Footprint

Alex Steffen suggests 3 new rules of major philanthropy in his article Our Philanthropic Footprint: 1. Practice holistic assessment. 2. Seek transformative impact. 3. Offer utter transparency Holistic assessment must deal with environmental impact of our investment and here is where I see a storm coming for Christian ministries and Foundations that have not given […]