3 Top Albums on our Playlist

Good to see Mumford and Sons win the Best Brit album of the year with Sigh No More. We have been playing it for months on our playlist, along with other favourtie albums. The Top 3 albums on our family's playlist right now are: Sigh No More, by Mumford and Sons The Fray by The […]

Lunch with Isaac Slade of The Fray

Our family stopped into Denver last week and had lunch with Isaac Slade, lead musician and vocalist for The Fray. I met Isaac last month in South Africa, right after he visited a social enterprise in Rwanda. Great to see a musician with a heart for changing the world. Nice guy – intelligent, hard working, […]

Kevin Prosch and the Peppercorns

Back in 1998, Kevin Prosch and the Peppercorn Band stayed with us in the Redwoods of California. Our community was full of young hippy kids and rastas who had given their lives to Jesus and were getting off drugs and starting a new life. The Peppercorn Band and Kevin totally rocked. Great energetic worship. Just […]

Rock Bands turning up here for our REALLY BIG PARTY

Ahhhh its CRAAAAAZY around here!! We are really busy, setting up to throw a huge party this weekend called Rock on Christmas, the brainchild of Denny Hurst who turned up this afternoon. The festival starts tomorrow and we have been sweeping out this old warehouse and watching people set up the stage and deliver the […]

Rock on Christmas Festival (Dec 5-6)

We are busy preparing for a rock festival called Rock on Christmas, to be held in Portugal on Dec 5 and 6. LOTS and LOTS of work to do. Like . . . choosing a location . . preparing a campsite (my kids are doing this right now) . . . publicity, etc. Thats right […]

ColdPlay – Left Right Left Right Left

Coldplay’s new album is a free download. Lots of great songs, most of them you would have heard before, but this time recorded live from their concerts. The crowd participation makes Left Right Left Right Left a charming and endearing album and a great introduction to one of Brittain’s best bands ever. I just managed […]

Jon Abel rocked us

Listening today to a CD from John Abel called More Than This. Jon was the songleader at last weekend’s Summit in Tahoe. Lovely guy. Great worship leader. Christianity Today also liked him. Technorati Tags: jon abel, music, worship

Retro: Sonseed and Jesus is my friend

This month’s header has a retro feel but actually I took the shot last weekend at Lake Tahoe. Speaking of retro, Prodigal Jon thinks through the 5 stages of emailing an unintentionally funny video like this one below on the Stuff Christians Like blog. HT: Bob Carlton. The band in question is called “Sonseed”. They […]

David Pierce on Tall Skinny Kiwi

David Pierce, director of Steiger International and No Longer Music is my guest today. You can interact with him in the comments section if you want to ask him anything. Great guy. Amazing ministry. From a barge in Amsterdam to the ends of the earth, taking its message of hope to “some of the darkest […]

CCM – The Future of Contemporary Christian Music

“All the younger artists signed to Christian labels within the last 10 years or less will struggle to understand where they fit—if they fit at all anymore.” “Another whole group of “ccm” era survivors will continue to move country music forward with great success” “The Tooth & Nail tribe of artists will continue on. It’s […]