To blog or not to blog

In light of Andrew Sullivan’s announcement today to give up blogging after 15 years, (striking similar to my 15 uninterrupted years of blogging with the distinct difference of Andrew Sullivan being talented and famous and Andrew Jones being neither), I am reflecting on my own decision to stop my blog 18 months ago and enter […]

The Ghost of John O’Nolan

From what I have seen of it, Ghost is a new blogging platform that promises a simple path through the Dark Woods of Widget Hell into a word of clean, pure, blogging enjoyment.  It’s impressive and from my point of view, it offers what blogging has lacked for some time: immediacy. By immediacy I mean naked […]

Blogging Downunder has never been better

We might be stuck on the bottom of the planet but somebody has to hold things up for the rest of the world! I am having fun being back in New Zealand after a few decades away. Blogging from Downunder isn’t all that bad. Here’s some things to watch out for. 1. Darren Rowse and friends […]

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog.

Welcome to my new blog. What a great chance to start again. I really loved my old blog on the Typepad platform and it was awesome to have millions of visitors but 10 years is a long time and thousands of posts is quite a pile. It became more a well than a spring. And […]