In The Gambia

We have been having a great time in The Gambia, the “Smiling Coast of Africa”. The past few weeks we have been mostly staying with a Pentecostal family in Kitty and a Catholic…

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The Muslim in My Attic

Ahmed was the first Muslim we invited into our house. He was from a country in the Middle East and wanted to study in the USA. We gave him a room in the attic of our big house in Portland, Oregon….

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lilith redeemed bob beltz book

Lilith Redeemed

[Repost from Sep 2015] My friend Bob Beltz released a book today that I want to bring your attention to. Lilith Redeemed is a modern remake on George MacDonald’s classic fantasy Lilith, a book…

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The Brave Pheasant

A brave pheasant joined me in the garden where I sat on a rusty white chair smoking my pipe not expecting company but pleasantly surprised to have a companion who appreciated the early morning and…

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A cup of tea with Phyllis Tickle

I was very sad to hear that Phyllis Tickle passed away on the 22nd, but not surprised because she was very open about her disease and her approaching death. She was a writer and thinker and…

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Chasing Refugees

A little update from me. We arrived at the Serbian border a few days ago and started cooking immediately, both for the team and for the stream of Syrian refugees. Most of them were in too much of…

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Sep 18. Update on Refugees

We are still in Serbia. Belgrade right now which has quietened down a lot over the last week. The bottleneck of refugees at the Serbian border, where we were feeding a few days ago, has abated. We…

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Helping Syrian Refugees

We leave for Turkey in a few days and are quite excited about helping out with the Syrian refugee situation but also not quite sure exactly how we can be of greatest assistance. Perhaps the best…

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blogging nomadic couch surfing apostles

The high calling of a blogger

Having a blog does not make one a blogger. I was reminded of this some months ago when Rachel Held Evans, after admitting her “diligent investigation” into a particular controversy she was…

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