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A World Without Missionaries?

An article on medical missionaries and Ebola by atheist Robert Palmer has caused some outroar among the Christian community. In Palmer’s In Medicine We Trust, the author denigrates missionaries in a way that has created a lot of ink. I don’t want to add much to that but, A few thoughts: – The notion that missionaries have not impacted the world …

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Exponential West

A big religious conference called Exponential West starts their LIVE WEBCAST in about  . . 2 minutes. I almost went down to SoCal to see some of my friends who will be there but decided I should just stay in San Francisco and watch a few streaming video sessions while my friend Dave is outside, setting up the smoker for some …

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Interviewed by TROV

Today an interview with me was published on Trov. They really liked my 1890’s field camera and I suppose there were a few questions about it. I was ‘troving’ my possessions a month or so ago because we were shipping our stuff to Europe and then Africa and I decided to use Trov as a way of cataloging my stuff, …

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Best of APE 2014

My daughter and I just came back from the Alternative Publishing Expo in San Francisco. She wore a red cape and I wore a ridiculous Fez. Gwennie attended some workshops on comic creation and publishing e-books and I sat in them also. For me, it was a good time to wander through the exhibition area chatting with artists and alt. …

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Sustainability. Simplicity. 2014 Trends.

In July of 2013,  a well known Christian magazine that focuses on Christian outreach asked me what I thought they should cover in 2014. WHAT I SUGGESTED I suggested articles on urban agriculture, going off-grid, permaculture, voluntary simplicity, interaction with Muslims, nomads, social enterprise, DIY and self sufficiency, outreach that includes seekers rather than targets them, outreach for churches that …

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No Comment

Following the example of my friend John Saddington, I just turned off the comments to this blog as part of my next season of blogging. And it feels good. The fact is, I don’t have time to moderate comments well. On top of that, I travel a lot and am often in the wrong timezone to moderate comment threads – sometimes …

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Surprised by Ken Silva

Ken Silva, Emergent Nemesis, passed away this week. I was very upset to hear this because, despite being on different sides of the table, Ken was a friend of mine. He invited me to come up to New Hampshire and have a drink with him on his porch. 1. Ken Silva was the pre-eminent critic of Emergent Village. He posted …

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Bono on social enterprise

UPDATE: I am reposting this because our trip to Africa is getting nearer and I want our supporters to hear what Bono said. ORIGINAL: Bono’s talk at at the Global Social Enterprise event at Georgetown Uni (Nov. 2012) was awesome. Highly recommended, if you haven’t already heard it. We are preparing for another African trip sometime in 2015 and I …

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Hong Kong Protest

My friend in Hong Kong is sending photos of the riots and is talking about tear gas, rubber bullets and pretty much everything closing down in the area he is currently staying.  Very disturbing and very different from when I was there a few years ago. Pray for Hong Kong and for China. These photos are free for use and …

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Next Season

I am very VERY happy to make public that our family has been accepted by an international Aid organization and we are returning overseas towards Europe and Africa. The next 3 years will see us work in about 30 countries, many of them the same countries we have been investing in, helping to create sustainable impact among the poor and marginalized, as …

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Truck revamp

Its been a lot of work but the truck is now ready for shipping to Africa. Inside and out, our family have been busy. We have chosen a look that is kind of rat-rod, steam-punk and carnival at the same time. Not too posh for Africa but not too rubbish for Europe. Photos of the inside coming soon.

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Scottish Independence

UPDATE: I have updated this post because it was graciously brought to my attention that the English people are not the same as the English/British government and my original post was therefore insulting. My sincerest apologies. ORIGINAL: My son posted on Facebook yesterday that he would be voting “YES” on the Scottish Independence referendum coming up next Thursday, if he …

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Funny Accent

My wife has a funny accent so the kids make fun of her. So do I actually. Debbie’s mum is from Kentucky and her dad was from Oklahoma. So my wife says “BADMINTON” in one syllable and she also says “curtains” without hitting the “t”. More of a swallow than a “t”. Recently the kids and I asked her to …

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I turn 51 today. Its a nice chilled day for me. I dressed up in some vintage clothes – a blue waistcoat and some black Hugo Boss pants. Then I changed my blog by adding an image of mahogany taken from my cabinet and giving it a fresh look. Now I am dressed casual and have already lit the firebath …

Dreaded Bishop

I was lighting the fire with newspaper the other day and came across this. I remember it. I was there.

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Manifold Destiny

"Big people that throw little people under the bus might one day have to face their own manifold destiny."Tall Skinny Kiwi Pass it on

Updating the blog for Fathers Day

Tomorrow is fathers day. It’s also my birthday. Time to update the blog. My goal is to succeed in aligning my actual life with my online identity. Synchronicity. Integrity. And since I have just painted the walls of my truck with blackboard paint, I want to create similar blackboard backgrounds for my text. And speaking of integration, I want my …

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Mark Driscoll’s Announcement at Mars Hill

UPDATE: Mark announced he is stepping down from Mars Hill for six weeks while the charges are investigated, says Christianity Today.  There are a lot of people that care about him and want to see Mars Hill Church be the church they have given their energy towards. Lets hope and pray for a redemption story here. Personally, I feel 6 …

Robin Williams

What a comic genius! I will miss Robin Williams. A few of us Christian bloggers are doing a crash synchroblog on Robin and this is my contribution. I always thought of Robin Williams as a unique artist and enjoyed him best when he was given scope to just be himself and do whatever he does. Like sit on a couch upside …

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Remembering Tony Palmer, the Great Ecumenicist

Tony Palmer was great Anglican leader and ecumenical ambassador. He was also a friend. So I am sad to announce that Bishop Anthony Palmer passed away on Sunday due to a motorcycle accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Emily and the kids, as well as the Ark Community. Tony (Anthony) was one of those multi-talented individuals whose impressive abilities …