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Health Update

OK, some of you are asking about about my health. I am really well and feeling super healthy, apart from having to take a short nap every afternoon. My skin is no longer yellow and my face is no longer red. I have gained 30 pounds  . .  YES 30!!! . . .since my malaria-induced […]

Getting Syrious

Today I am speaking on the Syrian refugee crisis at the Woman of Vision group at St Phillip Church in Dublin/San Ramon. Pray for me to communicate without getting really choked up. I want to talk about “My Refugees” – the Syrians I met trekking to the borders of Europe, running from the borders of […]

The Muslim in My Attic

Ahmed was the first Muslim we invited into our house. He was from a big family in Yemen and wanted to study in the USA. We gave him a room in the attic of our big house in Portland, Oregon. He chose a hideous red color to paint the room and requested a prayer mat. […]

Debbie’s final Words, Angels and More

The Memorial for my wife Debbie is this Sunday 14th at Kelly Point Park in Portland Oregon at 4pm. It’s an open event so feel welcome. There will be another memorial in New Zealand this week also which is a big reason I am writing this post – for those who want more information about […]

Debbie is gone

Sorry this post is so late. I have not been well. Debra Diane Jones, my caring partner and wife for 29 years, best friend, my conversation partner, my critic, my fashion consultant, my travel companion, my co-conspirator, my right hand, my lover . . . passed away on June 15th in Ethiopia due to complications […]

In The Gambia

We have been having a great time in The Gambia, the “Smiling Coast of Africa”. The past few weeks we have been mostly staying with a Pentecostal family in Kitty and a Catholic agriculturalist and teacher near the Senegal border. They asked us to help think through some solutions for their food shortage during the […]

Lilith Redeemed

[Repost from Sep 2015] My friend Bob Beltz released a book today that I want to bring your attention to. Lilith Redeemed is a modern remake on George MacDonald’s classic fantasy Lilith, a book that greatly inspired C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series. Darker and more sinister than Narnia, Lilith has gothic ambience to spare; a black raven, […]