Hoping the Scottish vote YES for Independence

hannah in hoy

My son posted on Facebook yesterday that he would be voting “YES” on the Scottish Independence referendum coming up next Thursday, if he still lived there. He doesn’t live there anymore, as you might know. Ask any of our 5 children and they will tell you that our family were kicked out by the English in 2009 who would not …

Andrew JonesHoping the Scottish vote YES for Independence

Funny Accent

debbie and TJ

My wife has a funny accent so the kids make fun of her. So do I actually. Debbie’s mum is from Kentucky and her dad was from Oklahoma. So my wife says “BADMINTON” in one syllable and she also says “curtains” without hitting the “t”. More of a swallow than a “t”. Recently the kids and I asked her to …

Andrew JonesFunny Accent



I turn 51 today. Its a nice chilled day for me. I dressed up in some vintage clothes – a blue waistcoat and some black Hugo Boss pants. Then I changed my blog by adding an image of mahogany taken from my cabinet and giving it a fresh look. Now I am dressed casual and have already lit the firebath …

Andrew Jones51

Updating the blog for Fathers Day

Tomorrow is fathers day. It’s also my birthday. Time to update the blog. My goal is to succeed in aligning my actual life with my online identity. Synchronicity. Integrity. And since I have just painted the walls of my truck with blackboard paint, I want to create similar blackboard backgrounds for my text. And speaking of integration, I want my …

Andrew JonesUpdating the blog for Fathers Day

Mark Driscoll’s Announcement at Mars Hill


UPDATE: Mark announced he is stepping down from Mars Hill for six weeks while the charges are investigated, says Christianity Today.  There are a lot of people that care about him and want to see Mars Hill Church be the church they have given their energy towards. Lets hope and pray for a redemption story here. Personally, I feel 6 …

Andrew JonesMark Driscoll’s Announcement at Mars Hill

Robin Williams

What a comic genius! I will miss Robin Williams. A few of us Christian bloggers are doing a crash synchroblog on Robin and this is my contribution. I always thought of Robin Williams as a unique artist and enjoyed him best when he was given scope to just be himself and do whatever he does. Like sit on a couch upside …

Andrew JonesRobin Williams

Remembering Tony Palmer, the Great Ecumenicist


Tony Palmer was great Anglican leader and ecumenical ambassador. He was also a friend. So I am sad to announce that Bishop Anthony Palmer passed away on Sunday due to a motorcycle accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Emily and the kids, as well as the Ark Community. Tony (Anthony) was one of those multi-talented individuals whose impressive abilities …

Andrew JonesRemembering Tony Palmer, the Great Ecumenicist

Sending Elizabeth to College

Elizabeth and her saxaphone

Elizabeth, our oldest daughter, turned 21 this year. A few months ago she moved to Portland, Oregon and was accepted into the program at Oregon Culinary Institute. We are very proud of her. And so are many of you, who have followed her journey since the 90’s and have watched her grow up on our blogs or in person. Elizabeth has …

Andrew JonesSending Elizabeth to College

Global Journey Map

world map journey

If you have been following our journey on Joneberries.com for the past few years, you would have seen our family travel map, courtesy of Nomad Travel Map plug in for wordpress. Awesome feature. I have always tried to keep TallSkinnyKiwi separate from Jonesberries [dont be surprised if this sentence disappears shortly] but I do want to put a few maps …

Andrew JonesGlobal Journey Map

Calvary the Movie


We don’t go to the movies very often but when we do, we like to see a really good movie. Last night Debbie and I went out on a little date night to a nice theatre where we sat in oversized chairs with a glass of red wine  . .  and we saw the movie “Calvary”. LOVED IT!!!!!!! A deep well …

Andrew JonesCalvary the Movie

What’s so Amazing About Being Anglican?


pdate: Conference went well yesterday with over 100 people attending. Here are some of the best moments: Original Post: Some thoughts on Being Anglican and my current journey to be even more Anglican, part of which is attending a conference this weekend in Wellington with Bishop Victoria Matthews entitled “Whats So Amazing About Being Anglican?” [PDF] Obviously I am thinking about …

Andrew JonesWhat’s so Amazing About Being Anglican?

Reflections on the Agrarian Renaissance


With all the talk about the importance of cities in changing the world, I have been thinking a lot about the shift in focus towards agriculture, feeding the world, permaculture, sustainability, voluntary poverty and the Agrarian Renaissance in general. We are currently staying on a 5 acre property that represents the beginnings of a sustainable Christian community that will impact …

Andrew JonesReflections on the Agrarian Renaissance

Emergent Dust Storm

the deconstructed church understanding emerging christianity image book

esterday I bought the brand new book, The Deconstructed Church: Understanding Emerging Christianity, by authors Gerardo Marti and Gladys Ganiel. I hope to review it after having a proper read over a good coffee but first I need to deal with one sentence in the book that bugs me and might affect the tone of my review. It’s that little sentence where …

Andrew JonesEmergent Dust Storm

Privacy Policy


Thanks to Jamie Smith of FormSmith, I have a new privacy policy that is available to view here. Its free btw and probably needed in today’s blog world.

Andrew JonesPrivacy Policy

Te Pouhere Sunday


This coming Sunday in New Zealand is Te Pouhere Sunday, a yearly remembrance of the Anglican Constitution which was revised in 1992 to allow for three “Tikanga” or cultural strands: Tikanga Maori, Tikanga Pasifika, and Tikanga Pakeha (non-Maori and/or European white). Te Pouhere is literally the pole (pou) that Maori tie their canoes (waka) to secure them. Bishop Muru, during …

Andrew JonesTe Pouhere Sunday

Blogiversary: Back after my one year blog fast

truck water colour

Hey everyone. I’mmmmmmmm BACK!!!!!!! Today is the 13th blogiversay of TallSkinnyKiwi (started June 5, 2001) and also the day I return from my blog fast. Its been a great year away from blogging. I have learned a lot, changed a lot, and I think I am coming back to it refreshed and balanced and with some ideas on how to get …

Andrew JonesBlogiversary: Back after my one year blog fast

Blog sabbatical almost over.

Hey my one year of listening rather than blogging is almost over. I am about to redesign the blog and launch into the next season . . . with some changes. Tell you about it soon. Thanks for those who have stuck with me through my silence. Andrew

Andrew JonesBlog sabbatical almost over.

Thank You Scot McKnight

scot mcknight jesus creed blog

My friend Scot McKnight is speaking this week at Laidlaw in Auckland so I am encouraging all my Kiwi friends to go and hear an amazing theologian  and theoblogian. Scot has given the blogosphere a steady stream of incredibly perceptive content, as well as a few good books,  and I highly recommend meeting him in person, which is something I …

Andrew JonesThank You Scot McKnight