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Ending Corruption for Lent

While some Christians are giving up chocolate for Lent, which is all very well, others are seeking to end global corruption, bribery and corporate greed. Here is an Easter reflection on corruption from the Bible Society called Thirty Pieces of Silver [PDF]. Its a hot topic and one which involves a penetrating look inside our […]

Nothing coming down. Nothing going up.

I just watched a very unfortunate recent video by our dear brother John Piper. I really don’t think he saw how his words could be misconstrued in the wrong hands. Hopefully it has been taken down by now or at least will be in the next few hours. Nothing is coming down, except his video. […]

Poor and Rich: Beyond Negative Stereotypes

Its been an interesting discussion the last few days regarding the article 20 Things the Rich do that the Poor Don’t, posted on Dave Ramsey’s site but written actually, by Tom Corley, My response is below. Essentially, the article was insulting to the asset-challenged and there was confusion regarding who are the poor and who are […]

10 Things Some Poor People Do Every Day

So apparently rich people are all nutrition experts and fitness gurus . . . while the poor, God bless ‘em, are lazy couch potatoes who spend their days munching salty chips in front of reality TV shows. I got home from work a few days ago and discovered Dave Ramsey’s article 20 Things the Rich do […]

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