Seeking the Peace of Egypt

abi in cairo

The stories from Egypt are horrific and I am currently searching online to see if any of the schools and hospitals and churches I visited in Cairo shortly after the recent Arab Spring riots, were burned or attacked this week. The estimated death toll is now 1000 people, and damage has been extended to 43 churches, making it, according to Anglican sources, “the worst persecution of Christians in Egypt’s history.”


In this photo, two of my daughters tour the┬áMahaba School, located in one of Cairo’s Garbage Cities. If these schools are burned to the ground, what will replace them? Do the Muslim Brotherhood have a plan for the education and health of Egypt’s children? Is this really the group that wanted to run the country?


When we were in Cairo, a few weeks after the slaughter in 2011, the Christians had decided not to retaliate but to pray and seek peace. That led to an all night prayer meeting of 70,000 people (the largest ever in Egypt’s history, which we were privileged to attend) and a new season of spiritual vitality.

So my hope for Egypt is that murder will cease, anger will fade, peace will come quickly and an even greater season of peacefulness and harmony will be ushered in. I hope you will join me in that prayer.